One Direction Cartoon – One Direction Website [Part 1]

One Direction Cartoon – One Direction Website

One Direction Cartoon – One Direction Website. This is very funny and the guys have seen this and commented on it as it becomes a popular viral video clip. We think it is a great idea and hope the TV studios take the option up to produce a One Direction cartoon.

One Direction Cartoon – One Direction Website

The Adventurous Adventures Of One Direction Cartoon [Part 1]

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The 1D singers have now been turned into One Direction cartoon characters and they look good too! We have had lots of 1Direction merchandise produced including plastic dolls etc but this idea of One Direction cartoon charactors looks like it could be an even bigger winner. This video has hit the social media sites worldwide as fans chuckle amongst themselves over Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik,  and Harry Styles.

One Direction Cartoon on One Direction Website

One Direction Cartoon on One Direction Website

Louis, Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn have all become superheroes in the animation entitled The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction. The boys are cast as super heroes that have to save the world. There is even a spot for Simon Cowell as an overseeing Lord and in the story line Harry tries his luck with an older woman. It’s just like real life – and so funny!

What do you think to this? Would you like this pitched to the TV companies to be made as an ongoing show? Surely this would become a mega hit with producers.

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One Direction Cartoon – One Direction Website

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27 Responses to One Direction Cartoon – One Direction Website [Part 1]

  1. MegaTrollingYou says:

    it’s pretty funny but…WHY THE F IS NIALL SO MEAN?! D:

  2. myamazing2 says:

    Harry : You’re telling me .. (;

  3. Camilabeast says:

    I love this !! No u should’nt !! haaahhh Mark your an amazing movie maker !!

  4. sisay1997 says:

    one minute watching and Niall already got me on the floor laughing :)

  5. evalouise0202 says:

    This is hilarious!!

  6. photocrazy66 says:

    its better than power rangers!

  7. photocrazy66 says:

    y watch part 1 wen u can actual watch the whole thing made by the ACTUAL person who made it

  8. raylyn mott says:

    they should make anther episode and lol taco-o’s!!!

  9. iloveonedirection77 says:

    i like Zayn’s hair it’s cool :)

  10. hyperpenguin21 says:

    its on like donkey kong lol :)

  11. chelsea erks says:

    love this so much

  12. paigejohnson1922 says:

    They took that stuff from the Power Rangers! But it is kewl though.

  13. animalover4everbaby says:

    excuse me but i like his new hair do thank u very much >.<

  14. Kayce236568 says:

    this is so much better than ANYTHING on the kid tv shows. This should totally be a tv show!

  15. grapes102 says:

    this is so inaccurate i cant even . its still entertaining though. :D

  16. RaWrMuffinz100 says:

    ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG ! woot, my new motto for life.

  17. sassygal563 says:

    even though none of this is rite about 1D this is still the funniest thing about 1D ever

  18. Jessica L.A says:


  19. SkyChanxdesuux says:


  20. biebspurpleswag says:

    who cares! this is amazing!!!!!!!!!! and how do you know that?

  21. AllisonAnnmarieKemp says:

    Psymon: “Yes all the pussies.” Harry: *Smiling* “Your telling me”. KMSL! XD

  22. candy15915 says:

    i like how harry is obsessed with tacos!!! tacos are my favourite food too!!!!!! he is so weird…….. ohhh harry!

  23. MrStratus33 says:

    My girlfriend told me to look this up.

  24. promisebravo says:


  25. jazzypooh627 says:

    Psymon: “Yes all the pussys” Harry: “You’re telling me” *smiles* LOL

  26. Rosie says:

    I love liam zayn harry and loie

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