One Direction Website Access 1D Part 2 USA

One Direction Website Access 1D Part 2 USA

One Direction Website Access 1D Part 2 USA. Here is the second part of the One Direction Website Access 1D. This 1D video is full of behind the scenes action just for you 1 Directioners!  Did you know Harry could do juggling? Can you run up a wall like Liam! (Don’t try this at home folks!). More action and more fun from (Zain), Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson.

(See the best One Direction prank ever as Louis and Zayn trick the other 1D band members. Nickelodeon get a reporter to pretend she is in labour and about to have a baby! See the full video at One Direction Deliver Baby – One Direction Website prank by Nickelodeon)

There is also some 1D fighting, slapping, dragging along the floor and more! Have these guys fallen out? Of course not – see the video below for full details.

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One Direction Website Access 1D Part 2 USA

One Direction Website Access 1D Part 2 USA

One Direction Website Access 1D Part 2 USA

The moment has come to unveil a our next brand new video blog from the boys! As you know, they have been busy working hard touring the states and we recorded them along the way, just for all you Directioners. So sit back and enjoy this *exclusive* behind the scenes look at what they got up to! Check out the video below to see Harry juggling! Niall playing guitar! Liam running up walls! And loads more action. It’s all included in part 2 of ‘Access 1D!’ We have LOADS more footage from the bands’ travels so stay tuned to Facebook, Twitter and your email inbox for more Access 1D action coming your way very soon…

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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One Direction Website Access 1D Part 2 USA

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26 Responses to One Direction Website Access 1D Part 2 USA

  1. XoXaoifeXoXo says:

    Why is this only being uploaded now? I think I saw Part 2 last week or something?

  2. awesomee58 says:


  3. JeanJodie says:

    Josh is the one who run up the wall…not LIAM

  4. therealmrsbeaubrooks says:

    harry’s face when zayn ruins his juggling ;3 he’s just like, ‘oh …’

  5. EM0208F says:

    1:05 I really, really hope that’s one of their new songs. I sounds beautiful.

  6. liloliley says:

    Josh and his jump :’) ♥

  7. VionyTaniaa says:

    omg josh asdfghjkl;askldal;sdka

  8. rasspberrykisses says:

    wait that was not liam runnng up the wall. YOU LIED

  9. 96missymoo says:

    cant wait to see them roll on 2013!!!

  10. diannekellydelgado says:

    I just noticed that I smiled the whole video…

  11. milskf says:

    0:32 omfg zayn why you’re doing this to me

  12. SweetSissi911 says:

    Isn’t josh the one who run up the wall? :$ awkward

  13. thelongroad88 says:

    I cant contain these emotions..
    Zayn’s fricken dreamy.
    Liam is Handsome.
    Niall is Cute.
    Louis is adorable.
    and Harry is Charming.
    I love them all so much *.*

  14. Fatma Ukud says:

    Harry must really trust Josh to jump over his head like that :O

  15. imDINcredible says:

    0:00-2:29 BEST. PART. EVER.

  16. Syana Naa says:

    Awww….LOve you guyss!::D

  17. 20lolpop says:

    Niall move that guitar away

  18. MissKaitlyn1998 says:

    ‘Liam running up walls’ …. THAT’S JOSH!

  19. Alejandra Payne Styles says:

    Zayn and the cookie!!! 0:21!! Louis so cutee!!! 0:20 OMG!! Harry’s smilee*-*

  20. biglornz says:

    Harry juggles
    Niall: SICK

  21. LowLovesFlocke8 says:

    1:58 asjdhfkasjdf LOUIS STOP BEING SO CUTE *____*

  22. manufreak52 says:

    2:17 – 2:19

  23. cleoalyssabieberswag says:

    i can feel the gifs rolling in. <3

  24. LowLovesFlocke8 says:

    Aww Zayn is so cute in this video *-*

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  26. ANONOMYUS says:

    i love one direction and so do all my friends. i love harry most of all though he is so sweet and everything. i may not have met him but i think he is himself around the camera. btw they are all funny and i love the song you and I.

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