One Direction Website Access 1D Part1: USA

One Direction Website Access 1D Part1: USA

One Direction Website Access 1D Part1: USA. Take a look at this terrific video of One Direction below from One Direction Website. There is a full range of clips from the 1 Direction guys and it shows their true sense of humour. This is your chance to get to know 1D band members (Zain) Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson a little better. A nice behind the scenes video footage for all the 1 Directioners out there.

If you haven’t seen the video free online already go to One Direction Website Up All Night Live Tour here.

One Direction Website Access 1D Part1: USA

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The moment has come to unveil a brand new video blog from the boys! As you know, they have been busy working hard touring the states and we recorded them along the way, just for all you Directioners. So sit back and enjoy this *exclusive* behind the scenes look at what they got up to! Red carpets, back stage antics, photo shoots, interviews and much much more, it’s all included in part 1 of ‘Access 1D!’ We have LOADS more footage from the bands’ travels so stay tuned to Facebook, Twitter and your email inbox for more Access 1D action coming your way very soon…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

One Direction Website Access 1D

One Direction Website Access 1D

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We have had a lot of posts regarding 1Direction from dedicated fans. Join the discussion by commenting below on the best singers in the world. What is it that you like about 1D?

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One Direction Website Access 1D Part1: USA

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28 Responses to One Direction Website Access 1D Part1: USA

  1. April Izzard says:

    these boys make me smile more than five of my own friends, that’s saying something!

  2. lolagekm says:

    the zouis bromance totes comes out in this.

  3. SelenaPCK says:

    You don’t need to “write” your own music to be decent. And calling them a failure won’t make you successful! And the last time I checked, they were the ones breaking records NOT YOU! And if you think their music sucks and they’re not funny… then go screw yourself cause you know what, they don’t care, i don’t care… NOBODY cares! Calling them gay wouldn’t make them that and you know what, they’d always have my love even if they were… so just BACK OFF!

  4. GirlWorthDiamonds says:

    If you check the album, you’ll find out that they helped write the songs. I’m not asking you to like 1D. We all have different opinions. I’m just asking you to respect us, because we like this band, and we want to watch videos of them without people telling us that we’re stupid. We’re not. You have music YOU like, we have music WE like. No need to hate on eachother, we just have different taste.
    And also, if you cannot even spell “write” correctly, I don’t think you have anything to say.

  5. MusicNeedUz says:

    true story

  6. MusicNeedUz says:

    OMFG i just died after watching this.. They are so perfect.. Im so proud :”)
    One Direction Stole My Heart.

  7. mz143lady1 says:

    The Best Friends I Never Had.

  8. bieberlover714 says:

    I just can’t stop watching this video!♥

  9. monika14101970 says:

    omg Louis & Zayn are sooo cute together LOL

  10. xBieberGomezSwiftx says:

    Yeah ! She is watching this because she want to get directioners attention and She want directioner hate 1D ! Its not working ! Shut the Fucking up @PokeSoulgo !

  11. RelashioPotter says:

    AHAHAHA omg paul i can’t

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  13. Jana0o says:

    ‘This is the power to the whole studio!’ *press* :D:D:D So cute :D

  14. ATSqueen says:

    I used to be obsessed with justin bieber…. thought he was down to earth… got over him when i found 1D! No one is more down to earth than them… they could be your brothers <3<3<3

  15. GOUDxZAK says:

    I can not stop laughing and love for pa♥

  16. GirlSuperPassionate says:

    I love you :’3

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  18. Cristina Festa says:

    And I’m Jennifer -cit Louis Tomlinson
    Ohw I love Louis <3

  19. Pauline Valet says:

    and your….Jennifer :L

  20. CherieRose14 says:


  21. xoxoalice423 says:

    @PokeSoulgo Next time you type a hate comment please write it so other people can at least understand what you are saying because you had many “what”s that didn’t need to be there. P.S. they are talented be abuse they were third place in X-Factor and not many people even make it that far so get some proof that they have no talent or else it remains a opinion and a lie.

  22. Perdanagita says:


  23. estherand23 says:


  24. xXxJaredLetoXxXisHOT says:

    And im jennifer! Hahaha louis thats why I love u

  25. iMusikkForeva says:

    ZAYN. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO MEEEE? <3 There is a limit to hotness okay?

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  27. Louis's wife says:

    louis is mine i’ll do any thing to meet him or 4 him u guys can have the rest be louis is mine i obssess over him an du cant chANGE THAT THE OTHER DAY 1D CAME ON THE RADIO AND AFTER IT WAS OVER MY GRANDMA SAID THAT WAS SO LOUD AND I SAID WELL IF THEY TURN UNHOT ( THATS INPOSSIBLE THEN I WONT LIKE THEM ( SO NOT TRUE) LOUIS IS PERFECT EVERTHING ABOUT HIM DO U GUYS KNOW HOW MUCH I TRY TO GET A TICKET TO THERE CONCERT EVERY TIME sold out!! 1d on my violin,cast,tv,phone,laptop and dont get me started on my room most posters of louis and all u haters get a life i prtect them ( back off)

  28. C_lyn Olaran says:

    …OMG!!!One Direction stole my heart and light up my world like nobody else…love you guys…

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