One Direction Website Celebrate MTV Video Music Awards

One Direction Website Celebrate MTV Video Music Awards

One Direction Website Celebrate MTV Video Music Awards. Yes the guys won 3 awards at the show and stole the show. British boyband One Direction beat Justin Bieber and Rihanna to take home three prizes at the MTV video music awards in Los Angeles on Thursday evening. The five former X Factor contestants won awards for best pop video, best new artists and most share-worthy video, crowning their arrival on the US pop scene.

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One Direction Website Celebrate MTV Video Music Awards

One Direction ruled the night at the MTV VMAs winning Best New Act, Best Pop Video and Most Share-Worthy Video and kisses from Katy Perry.

One Direction have topped the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) picking up three trophies for What Makes You Beautiful.

One Direction Website celebrate MTV Video Music Awards

One Direction Website celebrate MTV Video Music Awards

The biggest group in the world at the present time, took home best new artist, best pop video and most share-worthy video.

They also performed their latest song, One Thing, for fans at the ceremony in Los Angeles. And boy did the fans appreciate it.

“Thank you so much! We have grown up watching this show and to collect one of these straight away is incredible,” said Niall Horan.

Simon Cowell, the band’s manager tweeted the group saying: “Congratulations 1D. I’m very proud of you. Celebrate!” He will also be celebrating with the extra income this should generate!

One Direction, who got together on the X Factor, became the first UK pop group to debut at number one on the US album chart earlier this year with Up All Night.

More than ten thousand fans are estimated to have turned up to see the stars’ first live TV performance in the US when they appeared on NBC’s Today Show in New York.

They sold 176,000 copies of the album in the US in a week and it topped the digital charts minutes after its release.

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Full hasbro livestream! it pauses at 7:19 so just skip to 8:44 :) also you might want to turn your volume up! tumblr :

One Direction are a British Irish boy band formed in London in 2010. They consist of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. The boys originally met during the seventh series of The X Factor, and have since gone on to become one of the world’s biggest pop acts.

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26 Responses to One Direction Website Celebrate MTV Video Music Awards

  1. sofieAeriksson says:

    21.10 “Niall looks like a Fubeh”

  2. sofieAeriksson says:

    20.00 HAHAHA. Is that your own language Liam?

  3. stayingstrongfor1d says:


  4. Sophia Miller says:

    i keep replaying 17:08 cause zayn said my name ;D

  5. ashley1078927 says:

    Harry being his nonquiff awkward quite perv Self

  6. Emma Torbert says:

    Harry: are you good with your hands?
    louis:very good

  7. kasanehatsune13 says:

    my friend bought a Louis doll yesterday so we took him to panera bread hahaha

  8. kasanehatsune13 says:

    “I just want my doll back. Doll come here! I love you doll.”- Zayn “Shut up Zayn.” Liam ahahahhahaha

  9. britney says:

    zayn malik <3 so cute!!!!!!

  10. kasanehatsune13 says:

    “Shall we have a proper marige?”- Zayn hahaha

  11. kasanehatsune13 says:

    ” Doll come here. I love you.” – Zayn “Shut up Zayn”- Liam hahaha

  12. fatima ayala says:

    una SACAPUNTAS OMG!!! Liam :)

  13. maricel pantalita says:

    Ilike one direction

  14. LivRitz299 says:

    Niall being a weather man

  15. drixxx26 says:

    04:36 Zayn reading: I love you Niaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall hahahahaha

  16. drixxx26 says:

    03:45 Zayn: Oh my godgodgodgodgodgodgod HAHAHA just funny.

  17. kitty9375 says:

    Harry looks sad :(

  18. hudaa1994 says:

    17:30 was so cute :P
    I blushed …

  19. FOBxrocks95 says:

    I wish it never ended

  20. 20cupcakes00 says:

    I luv them allll

  21. MsGingers4life says:

    “Harry Potter!!!!”

  22. MsGingers4life says:

    “50 shades of..”

  23. jessicajohnson1998 says:

    Ømg they are so cute I wish I was there in LA with them but im not….
    I still congrats them on all of there success and hope there is much more!!! 3

  24. Danielle Stylinson says:

    Harry standing their awkwardly at the end! Hahaaa every one has a quiff but Harry:)

  25. RyannKBaby says:

    Zayn’s HOLLA!! <3<3

  26. RyannKBaby says:


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