One Direction Website Live While We’re Young New Single Announced

One Direction Website Live While We’re Young New Single Announced

One Direction Website Live While We’re Young New Single Announcement has been made by the boy band 1Direction. Take a look at the 1D boys in the video below for a special message from them.

One Direction Website Live While We’re Young New Single Announced

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PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY NOW! Buy direct from amazon by clicking the advert above! Here it is… The 1D video announcement from the boys!! Watch it now to check out their MASSIVE news!! Make sure you give it a like and share and spread the word to the rest of the 1D Fans! The new single ‘LIVE WHILE WE’RE Young’ will be available to pre order from midnight tonight in your local territories* *pre-order markets may vary, check your local site.  Taken from the brand new One Direction album out November. Keep visiting us at the One Direction Website for all the latest news.

Live While We’re Young One Direction Website

Live While We’re Young is the latest One Direction song and who is already excited?! We are!! The guys just made the announcement that this new single is set to hit the public on October 1 and it is coming to us off of the upcoming album that’s set for a November release.

One Direction Website Live While We're Young New Single

One Direction Website Live While We’re Young New Single

About this Live While We’re Young news, the guys of 1D made a video for fans, to announce that the track is available for pre-order. So have you purchased it yet?? Let us know, and of course, if you’re itching to know a bit more about the song, we hear that it’s “pop perfection” with a high energy vibe that mixes rock undertones and smooth harmonies into one.

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So as a reminder for all things One Direction, the group is set to go on its world tour starting in Spring 2013, so keep it at One Direction Website for all of the details. I’m a massive 1D Fan and as always, thanks so much for tuning in!
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Zayn Malik (Zain), Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson are boyband 1 Direction from The X Factor.  Keep up with the latest news by adding us to favourites and visit us at Leave your comments below – we would love to hear from all 1Directioners.

Live While We’re Young New Single from One Direction Website

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25 Responses to One Direction Website Live While We’re Young New Single Announced

  1. theFollowerable says:


  2. nathyforeman says:

    Merda, milhares de gringas reclamam que eles não voltam pros EUA tão cedo… VÉI VEM MORAR AQUI NO BRASIL PRA VCS SABEREM O Q É BOM!!!! ENQUANTO VOCÊS RECLAMAM DE BARRIGA CHEIA, NÓS NUNCA N-U-N-C-A E NUNCA VIMOS ELES AQUI!! Então ve se parem de reclamar, flw? ¬¬

  3. ellise cooke says:

    Was anyone else freaked out when Liam’s lips moved with the ladys words at the beginning…?

  4. ThayaraPT says:

    0:30 Harry’s face, 0:45 Louis’ face; that is all.

  5. murphyisawesome1 says:

    I can’t wait, I am a born to be directioner that lives in the USA but can’t get it, it’s only in the uk right now://// your can only preorder it in the..the…UK…:'(

  6. Herecomesclarice says:


  7. JamArdinez says:

    I’m so excited for this song to come out.

  8. hungergames13fan says:

    Tur?? Does she mean tour?

  9. tyria93 says:

    Well.. guess what. I am not a ”true directioner” but I like to know if they bring out a new single. I listen to their music but I do not follow all the updates via their twitter or whatever. I do now know what makes a person a true directioner but I’m a 19 year old boy/guy that listens to them. I listen to Justin Bieber aswell.. But again, I do not follow them 24/7 so.. hence my comment that says some people DO appreciate these updates from ClevverTV.

  10. Meghan Tomlinson says:

    She needs to be on the news..

  11. meowmeowfan says:

    Excuse me, don’t you mean fabulouis? Yeah I knew you did.

  12. Wayne Fabrizio says:

    Looks like extended version of “We Are Young”

  13. poppie008 says:


  14. bob fred says:


  15. Rosa Santos says:

    Callme 50963811110

  16. Tracey Payne says:

    Girls stop saying whose your favorite, cos if you were a real directioner you wouldnt have a favorite you’d love them all equally.

  17. Harry Styles says:


  18. NickandNat13 says:

    really? I thought it was it came out September 1st then they performed it at the VMA’s. well I know they’re performing it at the VMA’s but I thought it was September 1st that we could hear it for the first time…

  19. NickandNat13 says:

    Thats what i thought!

  20. Anne Tashkow says:


  21. littlemisshappyangel says:

    Hahaha Harry at 0:30 and Lou at 0:44

  22. Raina Paul says:

    Isn’t it suppose to come out on Sep 1st? :P

  23. Rosa Santos says:

    I like Niall (:

  24. bmarisol07 says:

    Cant wait. I wanna hear there new songs.

  25. raiza caneda says:

    i’d verry verry love you!!!!!!!!!mumumumumumumumaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhahhahaha

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